Live In Instagram Can Be Prepared With Additional Face Filters

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Instagram unceasingly presents new features, which this time adds a face filter normally used on Instagram Stories for use on the Instagram Live service. To use this feature, users can try it when they are sharing live video or live broadcast.
With the addition of this new feature, users can choose the filters offered according to their mood. Users can easily try this filter while video broadcasting is taking place to friends or followers on Instagram.
Example Face Filter Instagram
To use a face filter in live video, the user must press the face icon in the bottom right corner before or during their broadcast. They can tap on any filter to check how the filter will look and the user can play around with the filter as they please
There are new sunglasses filters that are available exclusively to users next week. With this new feature, users can change the scenery that is reflected in the lens as well. After the live broadcast ends, users can share a replay for Stories or choose to remove the broadcast.

Instagram says that users will be able to enjoy the new features of face filters in live video over the next few weeks. However, only some Instagram users will get this new feature, before the new feature is available to all Instagram users worldwide.

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