MediaTek Chips Helio P23 To Be Competed With Snapdragon 450

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Qualcomm and MediaTek are two highly competitive mobile chipset companies. Apparently this time MediaTek must follow the Qualcomm game that lowers the price of Snapdragon 450 to $ 10.50 (Rp140 thousands). MediaTek itself set up Helio P23 chipset as a competitor Snapdragon 450 in the mid-range segment. Although not yet announced, MediaTek should cut the sale price of chipset Helio P23 in order to compete with rivalnya.

As Phone Arena reports, according to sources they can from within the industry, MediaTek is currently considering a fall in the price of the Helio P23 chipset for less than $ 10 per chipset. This should be done so Helio P23 demand by smartphone vendors when launched later.
According to the report, to produce a Snapdragon 450 chipset with a 14nm process, Samsung paid $ 2,500 per wafer (thin piece of semiconductor material). While TSMC paid more than $ 3,500 per wafer to produce Helio P23 chipsets with a 16nm process.
The initial price of Helio P23 is $ 15, which then drops to $ 11 to $ 12 for vendors to use the mid-range chipset. Some vendors are rumored to order these chipsets including Oppo, Vivo, Gionee, and Meizu which is known to often use the MediaTek chipset.

With Qualcomm’s step cutting the price of the Snapdragon 450 chipset, it will make the competition in the middle segment tighter, and MediaTek must strategize not to lose customers. Helio P23 itself is rumored to release in the fourth quarter, and MediaTek hopes to sell 5-6 million units of Helio P23 chipset every month.

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