MediaTek Claim Helio X30 Chipset Intended For The Gamers

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MediaTek has long announced its flagship chipset, the Helio X30. The first smartphone that will carry the chipset has been confirmed, the Meizu Pro 7. Because as a flagship chipset, MediaTek has equiped this chipset with key features to work optimally.

As Gizmochina reports, according to a post from Meizu’s Weibo account, the newest chipset built with the 10nm process is presented for gaming purposes. Yes, according to MediaTek, Helio X30 chipset supports LPDDR4X RAM. The advantages of LPDDR4X, which allows the use of memory with a higher clockspeed, but with lower power.

The new memory standard has a 40% (1.1V to 0.6V) voltage reduction that allows data to be transmitted and received at better speeds, and requires less power. This will certainly make the power more efficient, and memeberikan longer usage time in a single charge. Moreover the 10nm chipset is also known to be more power-efficient than the 14nm chpiset.

The Helio X30 chipset also supports faster UFS 2.0 and UFS 2.1 storage. As we stay away, this type of storage has higher read and write speeds when compared to eMMC on conventional smartphones. This 10nm chipset has a CPU deca-core (10-core) with clock-speed highest 2.5GHz. This chipset relies on GPU PowerVR 7XTP-MT4 as a graphics processor.
With such hardware, of course the device that carries this chipset will not encounter any obstacles in running heavy games though. Even Meizu’s official Weibo account cites a statement that if translated into focus on “gamers”

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