Meizu Also Smitten to Make Smartphones with Full-Screen Design?

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Most of the world’s smartphone manufacturers have participated in full-screen smartphone design competition, including Apple’s upcoming iPhone 8, which is expected to slide on 12 September. With more and more producers delivering full-screen smartphones make other manufacturers inevitably have to follow the trend of full-screen smartphones in order not to lag in the competition.
One manufacturer who will also bring full-screen smartphone is Meizu, where the Chinese origin of this company has uploaded teaser about their full-screen smartphone. The device is called mBlue Zero which recently appeared in cyberspace, where the teaser this time reveals the bezel-less design.
Meizu mBlu Zero appears to be the device of the repurchased Blue Charm product line and the Meizu M6 Note smartphone becomes the first model after restructuring the entire Meizu brand. Of course this is good news because mBlue Zero will be included in the Blue Charm line and this is further strengthened by the fact that the teaser this time is confirmed by Li Nan, who is the President of the Meizu Blue Charm division.

Li Nan himself has confirmed that they are working on a full-screen smartphone design and smartphone will be released next year. Of course this is interesting news, because previously this company repeatedly denied that they are working on a new smartphone with full-screen design. Since the launch is still long, we look forward to the development of mBlue Zero in the coming months.

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