Meizu Will Hold Three Biggest Chipset Manufacturers

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During this Meizu known very familiar with MediaTek, because most of his smartphone comes with a chipset MTK. But apparently this Chinese smartphone manufacturer will hold other major chipset manufacturers. Yes, Meizu will be the first smartphone manufacturer from China to use chipsets from three major chipset manufacturers.
As Gizmochina reported, in an exclusive interview with executives from Meizu has revealed if the upcoming Meizu smartphone will carry chipsets from three giant chipset manufacturers.
Although last year there was a tension between Meizu and Qualcomm, where Qualcomm accused of patent infringement and brought his case to court. But the two feuds have ended, which is currently the two companies have cooperated to bring Meizu M6 Note with Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset.
After the end of the feud with Qualcomm Meizu, certainly in the future Meizu will be diligent using Qualcomm’s chipset. According to Li Nan, Senior VP at Meizu, “Blue Charm will use three platforms, namely Qualcomm, Samsung, and MediaTek”.
But that is a bit strange, where the Senior VP at Meizu says “Blue Charm”, not “Meizu”. This reinforces the company’s allegations split into two, namely Meizu and Blue Charm. That way, the Blue Charm series which is known as the budget model will come will carry Exynos chipset as well.

In addition, the Blue Charm series will also come with a more expensive model that will come early next year. The high price of Blue Charm smartphones that will come next year allegedly due to use Snapdragon chipset or Exynos, which is more expensive than MTK.

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