Microsoft Edge Browser, Launch On Google Play Store

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Previously Microsoft has reported that they have presented a typical browser Windows 10, the Edge browser for Android and iOS platform, which is exclusively for Windows Inside users. Now the software giant has released Edge browser in the Google Play Store, and is available for free for all Android users.
Microsoft Edge
Although currently available on the Play Store, users who download the browser app will be warned that the app is still in development stage and will not be stable. However, for users who are not concerned about it can still use the typical Windows 10 browser on their device.
When the company releases the browser exclusively for Windows Insider users, the iOS version has exceeded the limit of 10000 users for the TestFlight app. But now it is not available for iOS users anymore.
The Edge app for mobile devices is for those who use the Edge browser on their desktop and want to sync their bookmarks, history, passwords and more on their mobile device’s browser. This will make it easier for users to continue their browsing, while not being able to open it through a PC.

The Edge browser itself looks quite similar to the Safari / Chrome browser for mobile, so mobile device users will have no trouble using it.

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