Microsoft Surface Pro LTE

Microsoft Surface Pro LTE Will Be Officially Released 1 December Upcoming

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After actually getting the required signal features, Microsoft finally decided to launch the official launch of the new flagship Surface Pro LTE model. Through the Future Decoded event, Microsoft Surface Leader Panos Panay has stated that the long-awaited tablets will certainly be available from 1 December in the future.


Talking about December 1st as its release time, this date was first revealed by the program manager of Surface Pro Team Golik at the end of September. The launch date revealed by Golik appears to be unintentional, and responding to it, Microsoft seems to have only issued a statement saying that the new Surface Pro LTE model will be available later this year.

Microsoft Surface Pro LTE

Confirmation of this Panay indicates that the Microsoft has also long been waiting for the release of the tablet and of course only need to wait another month. Even so, it is unfortunate that it took a long time for the LTE model to be present given the standard model Surface Pro itself has made its debut at the end of May.


Microsoft Surface Pro LTE will be equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon X16 modem that supports 20 LTE bands. Thanks to such support, it is certainly possible that existing devices can be used in almost all countries around the world. Moreover download speed via LTE reportedly can reach 450 Mbps as what is delivered by Microsoft.


About the price itself, Microsoft Surface Pro LTE with support for Intel Core i5 processor, 4GB RAM and 128GB SSD, priced at $ 1,149. While Microsoft Surface Pro LTE with support for Core i5 processor, 8GB RAM and 256GB SSD offered for $ 1444, which incidentally $ 150 more expensive than its non-LTE counterpart.

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