Mid-Range and Entry-Level Smartphones of Samsung will soon get Saving Storage Feature

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Full storage capacity is a pretty annoying issue, especially for mid-range and entry-level devices that are usually provided with limited storage. Samsung seems to be aware of this and will soon be bringing new innovations to its mid-range and entry-level devices.

This South Korean company is reportedly working on a new feature called “Saving Storage”. This new feature will bring new options that will help users free up storage capacity on their devices.

The upcoming main functionality of the Saving Storage feature is its ability to automatically remove local copies of all photos and videos that have been backed up to the Samsung Cloud. Yes, this feature does not seem so useful for now, considering the free service Samsung Cloud has a limited capacity.

In addition, Samsung has just released the Device Maintenance feature as a standalone app and the new Saving Storage feature will use Device Maintenance as one of the options offered. In other words, this will act as a hub center for everything related to device storage and performance.

Although Samsung’s mid-range and entry-level smartphones do not have high performance, but with this feature will improve performance, allowing all things to run smoothly without having to worry about the limited storage capacity.

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