MOTHERBOARD AORUS X299 GAMING 9, Feature Complete Display and Features

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In Computex 2017, Intel officially announced its new line of HEDT processors Skylake-X and Kaby Lake-X. Two variants of the processor also comes with a new platform, the X299, and the new LGA2066 socket. These conditions make the manufacturer released the motherboard to support the two processors, one of which is GIGABYTE AORUS X299 GAMING 9.
Motherboard AOURUS X299 Gaming 9
If you are familiar with GIGABYTE products, you know that AORUS X299 GAMING 9 is the highest-caste gaming motherboard. It is also very visible when we open the box sales package. This motherboard comes with a very complete and luxurious. Even in the sales package there is a special sticker themed gaming for its users.
Motherboard AOURUS X299 Gaming 9
AORUS X299 GAMING 9 is also featured luxurious thanks to the RGB LED lights that can be found almost in every part of the body, ranging from the RAM slot, PCIe x16 slot, heatsink on the chipset, to the rear panel and the lid. All LED lights can be set according to your wishes because it is integrated with GIGABYTE RGB Fusion technology.
In addition to having a lot of RAM slots and is equipped with special protector, PCIe slot is our next concern. AORUS X299 GAMING 9 has five PCIe x16 slots, more than the average of other X299 motherboards that are only 3 or 4 slots.
With such a large number of slots, you can not only use dual graphics card configurations, but can also simultaneously install other devices such as PCIe SSD. Minusnya, this motehrboard does not have PCIe x1 slot so that various external devices such as sound cards or WiFi adapters that still use the slot can not be used on this motherboard.
Motherboard AOURUS X299 Gaming 9
However, GIGABYTE already provides a very complete feature on this motherboard until you do not need an external PCIe x1 card. Yes, this motherboard already has a high definition audio system with support from Sound Blaster X 720 ° technology. In addition, AORUS X299 GAMING 9 also has an integrated dual band WiFi module with 802.11ac technology and Bluetooth 4.1.
Storage options and other connections are also presented very complete. No half-hearted, AORUS X299 GAMING 9 has 3 M.2 slots and 8 SATA ports. All of them support RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, and RAID 10 systems. The latest Intel technology support, Optane Memory and VROC are also featured on this motherboard.
Interestingly again, this motherboard suitable for you who want to do overclocking, both in CPU and memory. AORUS X299 GAMING 9 already supports the use of DDR4 4400 and XMP RAM. Powered with a power system from an ATX 24-pin connector and two 8-pin ATX connectors ensure power will be met when overclocking.
Motherboard AOURUS X299 Gaming 9
Access to overclocking is also facilitated thanks to the special overclocking button on this motherboard. In addition, AORUS X299 GAMING 9 also has a Clear CMOS button that helps restore the BIOS to its original state in case of errors in the settings.
What about the performance?
Tested using Intel Core i7-7820X processor, AORUS X299 GAMING 9 is capable of performing very well. Several scores on the results of the synthesis test are also above one of the competing X299 motherboards. However, the difference in performance score is not too far compared to its competitors.
Performance Motherboard AOURUS X299 Gaming 9
Similarly, testing using three games, The Witcher 3, Ashes of The Singularity, and Ghost Recon: Wildlands, duo AORUS X299 GAMING 9 and i7-7820X are also very harmonious when paired with high-end graphics cards such as GTX 1080. It is proven with increased framerate compared to when we tested using X270 and Core i7-7700K motherboards.
Here are the test results:

If you want to have a motherboard with super features complete, supported by a high-end platform that can be inserted by a fast processor, AORUS X299 GAMING 9 might be your choice. Especially if you are a PC activist who uses RGB LED. However, you have to prepare funds that are not small considering this is a premium platform. AORUS X299 GAMING 9 alone is even priced at $ 800.

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