Motherboards, EVGA Z370 Series Ready to Anticipate the Existence of 8th Gen Intel Core Coffee Lake

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The presence of a trio of latest Z370 motherboard models in its range of products, practically incorporating EVGA into the list of most anticipative motherboard manufacturers and supporting the existence of an Intel Core 8th generation processor known as Intel Coffee Lake. The three models, including Z370 Micro for mATX fans, Z370 Classified K for hardcore fans, and Z370 FTW for anyone who wants to feel the power of Intel Coffee Lake.
Evga Z370 Series
Talking about the differences between models, EVGA seems to have simplified it by including a list of side features on its series landing page. As for price and availability itself, unfortunately not been known so far.
The model with the most limited feature of this trio is the Z370 Micro, due to mATX offerings. Although the form factor is smaller, this motherboard can still support SLI, and has been equipped with a total of 12 USB ports (8 of which version 3.0). Comes with two DIMM slots, making this motherboard can use up to 32GB memory capacity, with speeds up to DDR4-4133.
Larger motherboards also support 2-way SLI, with the ability to add all three smaller GPUs for PhysX tasks. Memory that can be used on the motherboard with a capacity of up to 64GB, with the same speed 4133MHz supported by the model Z370 Micro.
The three motherboard models both have M.2 “Key-E” and “Key-M” support, as well as 6 PWM fan headers. Supported features BlueTooth and 802.11ac Wi-Fi, making the motherboard dual-built to be built as a HTPC or portable gaming rig.
Component Evga Z370
Not only that, EVGA reportedly also uses a number of features to strengthen the stability of the motherboard, including the use of a reinforced PCIe slot, dual BIOS support, and something very cool, such as 8-pin power connector is on the bottom of the motherboard, and the presence cutout to make it easier to handle cables that are too short. Even to support overclocking, both Z370 Classified K and Z370 Micro are both designed with Four-Phasing VCore design and an external clock generator.

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