Moto X4 Will So Android One Smartphone Also?

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The third generation of Android One smartphones seems to be popping up, where famous leakster Evan Blass has leaked one of the candidates of Android One third generation. Through his Twitter account (@evleaks), he leaked form of Android One which took the base of Moto X4. But the leak this time did not reveal anything, including the price, availability, or the name of the handset because when it was launched of course the name will not be Moto X4.
Previously, the Android One smartpone that has been announced is Xiaomi Mi A1 which takes the base of the Mi 5X by running pure Android OS without MIUI. It seems that the trend of Android One will also rise in class, where at the beginning of the emergence of Android One smartphone targeting entry-level segment, now Android One smartpone seems to be in the mid-range segment.
In addition, there will be no big difference between Motorola Moto X4 and Android One version in terms of user interface experience, because lately Motorola launched its smartphone with Android OS stock or no customization. On the bright side, you’ll get updated and upgraded faster when a new OS becomes available.

If this is true, the appearance of Android One Moto X4 will be the first Android One smartphone marketed in the United States, given the Android One smartpone only intended for emerging markets such as Indonesia and several other countries. With the advent of Android One Moto X4 this will further add to the list of Android One third generation smartphone after Xiaomi Mi A1.

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