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One of the reasons I love to review gaming peripherals is because many of its products appear different from standard products. Call it a gaming mouse that currently has a function much different from the standard mouse used in the office. The innovations that make gaming peripherals, especially mice are always interesting to discuss.
Mouse Asus ROG STRIX Evolve
This time I had the opportunity to try out the latest ASUS mouse that is ROG STRIX Evolve. In appearance, this mouse is very similar to the gaming mouse in general. It comes with a black body, and has a RGB LED on the back. In addition, there are also two buttons on the left side and one button on the back of the mouse whose function can be customized.
ROG STRIX Evolve also has a button with a very comfortable position. Its position does not make me easy to press the button next to by accident, but also easy to reach by finger thumb. Same with a lightweight scroll wheel but still has excellent feedback. However, the button on the right side of the body is rather difficult to reach so often I do not use. It may be useful if you are a left-handed mouse user.
Mouse Asus ROG STRIX Evolve
For grip, ROG STRIX Evolve is equipped with a special rubber that has a texture on the side. In addition to making this mouse appear more “frightening”, the rubber also makes the grip tighter and not easily tucked hands from the mouse.
ROG STRIX Evolve has an optical sensor with sensitivity up to 7200DPI. This mouse is lightweight for the size of the gaming mouse. Weight is only 100 grams without cable, so it is suitable for you who prefer to do extreme maneuvers when using the mouse.
Just like any other ROG mouse, ROG STRIX Evolve can also connect with ROG Armory app. Through the application, you can manage many things ranging from sensitivity to RGB LED display in this mouse.
Mouse Asus ROG STRIX Evolve
Then what is the most special points of this mouse?
ROG STRIX Evolve turned out to feature with the main button cover feature that can be exchanged. Cover buttons that usually have the right and left click function can be removed easily from the body. ASUS even provides two additional cover in its sales package. What for? Unlikely the button only appears as a spare part considering the design is quite sturdy.
After I observed carefully, it turns out the contours of the buttons are different. ASUS provides low and high button contour sets. You can also combine the two, for example the left button is set using the low contour while the right button using the high contour, or vice versa.
Initially I was pessimistic with this feature, but after tested it turns out this feature is quite useful especially for those of you who like to play games that rely on reflexes. Using the lower contours on the left click button makes my every action reflex faster. Perhaps it is because of traveling distance to switch the button that is getting shorter.

Unexpectedly, ROG STRIX Evolve is a very unique mouse though the shape looks very standard. This mouse is also very sturdy and features quite complete for gamers who used to play action games and shooter. ASUS Indonesia still has not announced the price, but overseas $ 59

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