MSI Scrolls Force GC Series Force’s Newest Game Controller Duo

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Game game trends on all devices and platforms that have tended to increase over the last few years seem to make MSI begin to expand its flagship gamepad product line which is marked by the presence of its new GC30 Force and Force GC20 models, which are claimed to be compatible with Windows, Android and console platforms popular games today.
MSI Game Controller
Although not yet clear with the claims of a number of popular “gaming consoles” is meant by the company, but given the fact that the controller has kekompatibelan with Windows 10 platform, it is not surprising that many people suspect that is a Microsoft Xbox console product. Especially because of the striking resemblance to the Xbox One controller, making anyone who ever use gamepad products made by Microsoft is certainly already familiar with the existence of the Force GC30 controller layout and Force GC20 made by this MSI.
Subject details of the latest controller products made by MSI, unfortunately still very limited for now. Let’s not for the Force GC30 and Force GC20 product pages, for the existence of the category controls are reportedly still not listed on the official website of MSI so far.
However, based on a detailed summary of its press release provided by MSI, both controllers appear to feature a black and red color scheme under the MSI brand and are equipped with rubber side grips and dual vibration motors for haptic feedback. The 8-way pad is equipped with a magnetic metal cover that can be mounted quickly to accommodate different gameplay styles (such as FPS, RPG, and so on).
MSI Game Controller

The MSI Force GC30 is equipped with removable cable that can be unplugged to support wireless and wired use, while Force GC20 has a non-removable USB cable that provides power and connectivity to the controller.

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