Never Use Vibe Pure UI Again, Lenovo Now Use Android Stock UI For Next Smartphone

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Lenovo is currently busy preparing for the launch of its latest smartphone, the Lenovo K8 Note that will slide in India in the next 5 days. Recently rumors circulated about Lenovo’s strategy changes, which no longer use Vibe Pure UI for Lenovo smartphones in the future. That way, the Lenovo K8 Note will be the first smartphone without Vibe Pure UI, and will use the Android Stock UI instead.

This has been confirmed by Lenovo product marketing chief Anuj Sharma. According to him, the steps taken by this company due to demand from customers who want UI Stock Android. Of course the steps taken by the company to keep in line with the fans. Although not using Vibe Pure UI again, some additional applications such as Dolby Atmos and TheaterMax are still maintained

Sharma also reveals the cultural differences and characteristics of its customers to be the hardest reason in developing the interface. For example, people in China prefer custom OS rather than Android stock. While customers in India prefer a plain Android look with minimized bloatware. Lenovo also denied that the move was made to reduce the cost of Lenovo smartphone production.

There are several advantages to be gained when using the Android Stock UI, like getting faster Android OS updates later. Lenovo smartphones in the K series that glide in 2017 will get Android O, though for the time is not known for sure.

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