New Fanless NUC Model Besutan Intel Loyal Partner, SimplyNUC

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The well-established partnership with Intel seems to have brought many blessings for SimplyNUC, which has so far earned its success as one of the most prominent NUC PC manufacturers.
Next Unit of Computing (NUC) packs a number of reliable features behind the form factor that is small, and can be placed anywhere with limited space though. However, when touched on the shortcomings, one of the complaints from NUC users that so far had surfaced and became a debate among the makers themselves is located on the noise generated.
Reflecting on the issue, SimplyNUC does not seem to want to fall into the same pit and try hard to find the best solution. After going through a number of further tests then finally presented NUC made 100% without the support of cooling fans, as recently announced by Intel “Platinum Partner” SimplyNUC, with the launch of the new NUC series built based on Intel Dawson Canyon platform.
SimplyNUC also configures its offerings with 7th generation Intel Core i3 and i7 (Kaby Lake) processors, and also supports Intel Optane memory. Although not yet known details of other features, but one of the NUC model without cooling fan is reportedly going to be equipped with a memory capacity up to 8GB.
Cooling fanless support on NUC is one of the latest breakthroughs presented by SimplyNUC, which is capable of delivering the operation without the noise it generates. Thanks to the existence of this design makes the NUC PC now ideal for deployment in conference rooms, industrial controls, digital signage, and of course, for use as a regular desktop PC.

The new NUC series will be released by SimplyNUC for the next few months. And one of the models with fanless variants i3 reportedly will make its debut in the next month.

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