New Instagram Feature Allows Sharing Stories From Other Accounts

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Stories services on Instagram apps continue to get updates on new features, where the company recently rolled out new features that allow users to share stories from other accounts via Direct. Yes, this is exactly the way you send pictures or videos to other contacts via the Direct (paper plane) icon.

Update that has been rolling since Wednesday, (13/09/2017) it has been available on Instagram application version 11.0 for both mobile platforms, namely Android and iOS. Well, to use the new features is quite easy. When you look at Stories of other users and want to share them with your friends, then you just have to tap on the Direct icon located on the bottom right, then select a friend or group contact.

When already sent, other contacts or group conversations can see Stories that you submitted during the original Stories are still in Instagram. If your shared Stories has been lost or more than 24 hours, then automatically Stories you share with friends will disappear also from the message thread.
But if you feel annoyed with this new feature for privacy reasons, you can turn off the feature so that users other than your follower can not see your Stories. So if you turn off the Stories sharing feature, only users who follow your account will be able to view shared Stories.

Since its launch last year, Instagram Stories users have grown rapidly, even the number of users beat Snapchat Stories which is the pioneer of this feature. Facebook is also testing the step to increase the number of Facebook Stories users, where Instagram users will be able to share their Stories directly into Facebook accounts.

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