New Week Sale, iPhone 8 Plus Reported Exploded While Charging

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Apple has announced the latest iPhone, the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus in addition to releasing a special edition iPhone 10th anniversary, the iPhone X. Duo iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 itself has been on sale since September 22, including in Taiwan.
Iphone 8 Plus
Known issues in the iPhone 8 duo so far are the noise problems that arise when making phone calls, and Apple has been working on software updates that will soon be rolled out. In addition to the noise problem, has not found other problems on the iPhone duo 8. But apparently people in Taiwan are not too eager to buy the iPhone 8 Plus because Taiwan media reported the case of the iPhone 8 Plus that exploded.
Iphone 8 Plus
According to Taiwanese media, a woman named Wu from Taichung City has bought the iPhone 8 Plus 64 GB Gold color variant on September 23rd. The 5.5-inch device works well until Tuesday afternoon (September 26), where the iPhone 8 Plus explodes during charging.
The report says if the capacity of the 8 Plus iPhone battery is at 70%, and the woman is charging her iPhone 8 Plus battery using the original cable and charger. After 3 minutes of charging, the device instantly explodes.
The explosion seems powerful enough to be able to separate the display panel of the smartphone body, as you can see in the picture above. However, the explosion is not to burn the iPhone 8 Plus.

Even reports from the Taiwanese media say if the woman is a loyal user of the iPhone, since the iPhone 4 was launched and he has never experienced such a situation before. Now the exploding iPhone 8 Plus unit has been shipped to the factory for investigation.

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