Nintendo Switch Will Adopt Virtual Reality Ability?

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The VR or otherwise known as Virtual Reality would seem to be a game of the future. Is it not too early to say that for now? Yes, all that could have been true given the presence of VR game technology itself has so far been greeted enthusiastically by many, including especially the world’s leading hardware manufacturers who reportedly being intensively-incessantly develop and produce various products capable of new VR ready devices some time later this.
Nintendo, as if not to be outdone by its competitors who have already developed the VR-capable device, the Japanese gaming hardware manufacturer is rumored to also start preparing support for some types of VR technology to the latest Switch game console that became one of its flagship to come. This is revealed with the emergence of source code referencing a mysterious “VrMode” that causes speculation about what is being developed by Nintendo.
The existence of the reference itself is said to have been first discovered and published by Cody Brocious, who is none other than a major security consultant at Accuvant Labs and founder of Trapped Orbit Research, according to one of his Twitter profiles (@daeken). The Nintendo source code relates to the Interprocess Communication (IPC) interface, which is an operating system mechanism that allows processing of shared data. According to Brocious, the good news shown is all of Nintendo’s source code, and not from NVIDIA and Android.
If so, there are several possibilities here. First of all, Nintendo is currently building some sort of VR support into the Switch, with an undisclosed future plan. While the other possibility is that Nintendo seems to have just been playing around with VR support for a certain purpose, but canceled it so that it no doubt left behind the bits and unnecessary references in the tested Switch source code.

But regardless of what it is, Nintendo seems to prefer experimenting in building the device rather than having to cut shorts like partnering or otherwise. After Wii and Wii U, this time Nintendo seems to want to further improve its Switch product capabilities and that seems reasonable considering Switch itself is one of Nintendo’s flagship products on the market today, right?

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