Nokia 2 Will Release November 2nd, 2017?

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It seems that global HMD has planned if the launch of Nokia Android smartphone starts from the middle. If you still remember, early 2017 the company has launched Nokia 6 which became a mid-range smartphone. A few weeks later followed by Nokia 5 for the middle segment and Nokia 3 for the entry-level segment. A few months ago Nokia also announced the presence of Nokia 8 which became a high-end smartphone.
Nokia 2
It seems that global HMD is preparing an entry-level smartphone, which will be Nokia 2. It is known through Nokia’s Facebook account for Myanmar, where they will launch a new entry-level smartphone in November. Clearly, the launch is for Myanmar and there is no indication that the smartphone will be launched in other countries.
Nokia 2
Unlike other Nokia Android smartphones that come with capacitive buttons, this smartphone will use the navigation buttons inside the screen. Some users are more like navigation buttons in the screen, but not a few also like the navigation buttons are on the chin of the phone.
Because as an entry-level phone, Nokia 2 will not be the most powerful smartphone in its class. This is because this smartphone will be powered by a low-end chipset Snapdragon 210 quad-core. But the value of more than Nokia 2 is said to lie in the capacity of the battery that reaches 4000mAh.

According to leading leakster Roland Quandt, this smartphone will not be the only Nokia new Android smartphone that will slide until the end of this year, because Nokia 9 is rumored to be released also towards the end of 2017. Nokia 9 itself is rumored to be a flagship smartphone that has a bezel design -less or full-screen. We look forward to further news about the latest Nokia Android smartphone.

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