Oppo and Vivo going back to MediaTek Chipset?

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MediaTek is a chipset manufacturer that has a big role in shipping chipsets for low-end and mid-range smartphones. But early 2017 was a difficult year for Taiwanese chipset manufacturers, because they lost a lot of consumers, so their chipset shipments dropped dramatically.

The decline in chipset delivery of MediaTek is certainly due to the rival, the Qualcomm who managed to dominate the entry-level and mid-range segment chipsets, which have been controlled by MediaTek. In addition, some major Chinese manufacturers, such as Xiaomi, Oppo, and Vivo have switched to Qualcomm’s chipset.
Although manufacturers like Oppo are still relying on MediaTek chipsets for some of their entry-level handsets, but for the flagship smartphone the Oppo R11 uses a Snapdragon 660 chipset that is known to have high performance. It seems that switching the smartphone manufacturer to the Qualcomm chipset will not last long, at least according to leading analyst Pan Jiutang.
Industry analysts, producers Oppo and Vivo will again use MediaTek chipset for the second half of this year. The biggest reason Oppo and Vivo will be back using MediaTek chipset triggered the launch of Helio P25 and Helio P30. In addition, Helio X30 chipset built with 10nm process also seems not able to look at one eye, where Meizu Pro 7 and Pro 7 Plus rely on the flagship chipset.

If true Oppo and Vivo will again use the chipset owned MediaTek, of course it will be a breath of fresh air for Taiwanese chipset manufacturer because they will get back customers.

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