Pokemon Playhouse Is Available For Android and iOS, Designed For Kids

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Last year the users of Android and iOS mobile devices were overwhelmed by the presence of Pokemon Go games. Many people who participate in the game include young to old, men and women, where they are busy looking for Pokemon from day to night. However, the longer the number of augmented reality game players are getting down. Even the decline in the number of players counted very drastically.

Now comes the new mobile games that still carry the Pokemon, where the games are already available for Android and IOS is devoted to children. Pokemon Playhouse is a new mobile game available for free, where you can get this game through iTunes App Store and Google Play Store.

Pokemon Playhouse

In this game there is no gameplay to catch pocket monsters or battles between Pokemon, but there are only activities to dress Pokemon or identify Pokemon made by constellations in the night sky.

It’s gameplay, Pokemon Playhouse game is not interesting to play adult users, but this game is quite fun to play by children, especially age 3 to 5 years because in this game there is no mathematical formula, and do not need the ability to read letters. So if you have a toddler, it seems this game is suitable to play.
Although the gameplay of Pokemon Playhouse is very simple, but the purpose of this game remains to collect Pokemon. This can be accomplished by completing certain activities found in the app, which causes the eggs of the Pokemon to hatch. Once this is done, the new Pokemon becomes part of the collection of players. For those of you who are interested can download it through the link below.
Download : Ios | Android 

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