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Blessed are you for ever having a good time using a genuine Polaroid instant camera that is supposedly so popular around the 80s to early 90’s. Because the instant Polaroid camera technology is very scarred and left a lot of memories that are hard to forget for its users, reportedly will re-present with the latest model.
Well, for you who want to just nostalgia with instant photo camera, it is time to feel the latest Polaroid OneStep 2 camera that you can make as the solace laranya. The retro camera has been present again thanks to the people at The Impossible Project, who reportedly bought the last real Polaroid plant in the Netherlands and keeps it in production until now.
Not only the original item in the form of Polaroid camera that was re-presented, but various camera accessories until the model of the film as a container of photos instannyapun reportedly also re-produced. So whenever you want to be nostalgic now do not have to worry about the lack of supplies, right?
Available in white or graphite options, Instant OneStep 2 camera itself will start shipping for $ 99. If you do pre-order now it will be delivered on October 16, 2017. This camera was inspired by the original original OneStep camera in 1977. In addition to compatible with 600 movies or i-type films, the Polaroid instant camera also has a powerful feature in it, as well as a high-quality lens that can focus from a 2-foot distance or about 0.6 meters to infinity with a 106mm focal length.

Comes with an optical-grade polycarbonate lens and an acrylic lens, this new OneStep 2 Polaroid instant camera will be powered with an excellent 1100 mAh internal battery for 60 days per charge. Existing batteries can be recharged via USB cable, which is also supplied with the camera when shipping.

Thanks to its timely, integrated timer, you can freely shoot any photo without having to run hastily from side to side. The latest i-type movie is offered in black and white with a tag of $ 15.99, while 600 compatible movies with vintage Polaroid cameras are priced from $ 18.99

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