Qualcomm Ensure First Windows 10 PC with Snapdragon 835 ARM Processor Soon Glide

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The news about Qualcomm working together to release Windows 10 PCs powered by ARM processor has been heard since a few months ago, and now in the 2017 IFA event has been confirmed by Qualcomm where the first Windows 10 PC of the two companies will carry the Snapdragon 835 chipset.
Although it does not say exactly when the first Windows 10 PC with ARM processor will be launched, but Qualcomm revealed if the device can come in the fourth quarter of this year. Unfortunately, neither Qualcomm nor Microsoft has provided details about the device other than the processor that was carried.
To this end, the Windows 10 operating system is capable of running on Intel’s X86 chipset, and it seems that Microsoft wants to stop Intel’s dominance. For Windows 10 devices that will come with Snapdragon 835 will have a thin body and light weight like a smartphone or tablet. In addition, this new device will also be equipped with typical features of the smartphone, including the long battery life and support for the stylus.

No less important, Windows 10 PCs that are supported Snapdragon 835 will also support the mobile network, which means the device can connect with LTE network independently. Because the information obtained only says if the device will be present in the fourth quarter, so we can expect the device will slide before the turn of the year.

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