Qualcomm Reveals New Advanced Sensing Technology For Upcoming Snapdragon Mobile Chipset

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The latest Qualcomm advanced sensing camera technology presented as an extension of the Spectra Module Program, is expected to support the presence of its flagship Snapdragon mobile chipset in the future.

The Spectra Module Program presented last year includes a dual camera module that offers light photography and enhanced zoom for video recording technology. While the new Spectra Qualcomm ISP module offers a much better capability than last year’s offer.
The three new camera modules are offered and can be used as reference by handset makers, including iris authentication modules that allow retinal scans for user authentication, passive depth sensing modules, and active depth sensing modules. Advances in computer vision (vision), image quality and power efficiency have been reportedly accommodated through the latest IPS technology.
The latest power-saving image signal processor (ISP) that can be paired with the new camera module has been supported with multi-frame noise reduction technology to deliver better image quality compared to previous generations. In addition to the temporal acceleration cram accelerated motion compensation temporal (MCTF) and inline electronic image stabilization (EIS) for presenting the video recording quality is better,
ISP Spectra This latest offers motion tracking, high performance collaborated together tracking technology localization and mapping simultaneously (SLAM), which can be paired with the HMD VR and AR glasses mobile standalone, such as HMD standalone Vive and Oculus latest upcoming games goggles smart ODG generation Upcoming.

But considering all this is still limited to the prototype, it seems still need to wait for the realization whether Spectra ISP module and the new camera can further improve the performance of its flagship Snapdragon mobile chipset upcoming or not.

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