Researchers Test Water-Based Batteries That Will Not Explode Easily

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Of course you still remember the explosion incident Samsung Galaxy Note 7 years ago caused by a defective battery and sleek design, thus forcing Samsung to pull the entire Galaxy Note 7 from circulation. Not wanting the same incident to happen again, Samsung has implemented various quality tests on batteries to ensure overall safety.
Some companies are also researching on new technologies that can prevent the risk of exploding batteries. Recently a team of researchers from the University of Maryland worked on water-based batteries and has published their research in the journal Joule.
Currently most smartphones use lithium-ion batteries, where they contain electrolytes that aid in ion movement between electrodes. However, because these electrolytes are made from organic chemicals, they can burn in some conditions. While waterproof-based electrolytes are already present, but they are not very strong because water is not very reactive in nature.
Researchers have found lithium-ion batteries that use water to replace organic chemicals. In addition, this battery is also fairly strong as a substitute for chemicals and excess water material will not explode. Electrodes on this new battery contain a layer that will not be damaged when in contact with a water-based electrolyte. In fact, these newly developed batteries work better than existing water-based batteries.

Unfortunately, there is still one major problem in this new battery type, where the battery can only function about 70 cycles. While the batteries needed for smartphones should have a longer endurance, around 500 cycles. So, the researchers have to fix this problem so that this new type of battery can be used for everyday devices.

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