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The business world is not spared with the use of technology, one of which is a laptop. Now many entrepreneurs who manage the company well using a computerized system. There are many kinds of laptops on the market, one of them is Dell. Dell brand laptops are always innovating to help streamline your business jobs. Well, here we will share a review of the DELL Business Laptop Vostro 3468 (Core i3-7100U) and Dell Inspirion 14-3459 Non Windows (Core i5-6200) which you can follow.
Laptop DELL Business Vostro 3468

Dell Business Vostro 3468
One of the series of DELL laptops that you must have is Business Vostro 3468 (Core i3-7100U). This laptop brings the screen with a width of 14 inches and has a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. It has been seen that the dimensions can be considered quite because not too small or large. Users can wear it more conveniently everyday. In addition, this laptop is also easy to carry or put into the bag so as to facilitate your mobility as well.
Stylized and sturdy design is suitable to keep up with you to keep performing optimally. The weight of the laptop is also quite light and strong battery endurance up to 10 hours. Degan it is certainly suitable for workers, students or students who have a lot of work. You need not be afraid to take it to various places because the battery life is very tough.
The performance of the DELL Business Vostro 3468 (Core i3-7100U) Laptop is undoubtedly driven by the Intel (R) Core (TM) i3-7100U processor and comes with 4 GB of DDR4 RAM. Well, storage is also so great because it is available storage hardisk with a capacity of 1 TB. With the large storage capacity will certainly make it easier for you to store various files of your business or personal needs. This dell laptop Indonesia is very good because it can connect easily with other devices.
It is true because it comes with wifi, media card reader, bluetooth, lan card, hdmiport, and also usb version 3.0.
The Dell laptop uses a 4-cell battery that durability is quite durable so it can help you while doing the job. There is bluetooth v4.0 that allows you to send files easily. The display or monitor has a TruLife HD glare LED that can reduce the quantity of light from the screen. Usually the laptop screen will emit a light that can make the eyes become tired quickly, but Dell laptop comes with a very nice innovation with anti glare display that makes the user comfortable. Anti glare on the Dell laptop display to make the user’s eyes so cool it can last long in front of the laptop glass screen.
The operating system on this Dell laptop is LinuxUbuntu. Use of the operating system is good because it is very light and does not burden the performance of the computer. The desktop view is interesting with Compizfusion. In fact there are many applications that usually comprise educationalsuitegcomprize, browsing (firefox, chrominium), graphics (GIMP, shotwell), office applications (libreoffice, openoffice), multimedia (rhythmbox, VLC player), and many others.
Dell Inspirion 14-3459 Non Windows (Core i5-6200)
Dell Inspiron 14-3459
Dell Inspirion 14-3459 Non Windows (Core i5-6200) is one of Dell Laptop products that have good performance so it supports your performance to improve and grow your business. This laptop brings the screen is quite comfortable when worn because it has a size 14 inch and offset with a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. Peformanya is high because it relies on Intel Core i5 6200-2.3 Ghz Turbo 2.8 Ghz is equipped with 4 GB of RAM. In addition, this laptop is also supported by the storage space with a capacity of up to 500 GB.
Dell Inspirion 14-3459 Non Windows Laptop (Core i5-6200) has a pretty good connectivity and fairly easy for users to connect the laptop with other devices. Ports are provided such as SD card reader, USB 2.0, USB 3.0, headphone or microphonecombo, and HDMI. The presence of these ports will certainly facilitate you in completing some of your work more quickly.
Dell laptop design is indeed impressed serious and suitable for you who want to look more elegant. Wrap the black color on the casing Dell Inspirion 14-3459 Non Windows (Core i5-6200) is neutral to be held by women or men. This laptop is still equipped with a steady sound because there are stereo speakers with pinned technology MaxxWaves Audio so you more comfortable when listening to audio.
You need to know, this laptop has a very capable graphics performance, this is because of discrete graphics from AMD Radeon R 5 M312. There is also a GraphicsProcessing Unit with Intel HD Graphics 520 which was supported by 24 execution units or Eus which has a speed of 300 to 1050 MHz.
Well, Radeon R5 M315 is on Dell laptop is using a new chip named password Meso LE with 320 shadercore GCN 2.0 855 MHz speed and 2 GB DDR3 VRAM memory 2 GHz speed. Then, this laptop is not equipped with preinstalled Windows OS that uses the Ubuntulinux operating system. Even so, you who can not or are not familiar with Linux, then can replace it with Windows 10. Laptop is powered with strong battery life up to 8 hours. Inspirion 14-3459 Non Windows (Core i5-6200) has a 4 cell battery capacity of 40 WHr.
DellInspirion 14-3459 Non Windows Laptop (Core i5-6200) has several advantages such as its performance can compete in its class, have competitive price, and of course long battery life. This will certainly help you to run a business or business more easily and quickly. Even so, this laptop also has the disadvantage of not being equipped with preinstalled Windows OS.
You do not have to worry, Dell laptops with this high capacity and performance can be owned at a price that is not too expensive. Inspirion 14-3459 Non Windows Laptop (Core i5-6200) is quite capable for multitasking and handling computing in the middle class. On the screen this laptop is equipped with anti glare which will greatly allow the users of this laptop to be more comfortable. So the price offered also according to his ability.
Dell is always providing innovation and convenience for its users including security and comfort. Anti glare on the Dell laptop screen is certainly very helpful for users to wear comfortably even for hours. Dell laptop design is also not less interesting because every product output Dell always look the best. Performance i3 or i5 core laptop is also qualified to help complete your work. Well, so the reviews we can convey, may be useful to you.

Description: Dell Laptops always provide innovation and convenience for its users including security and comfort including the use of anti glare on the glass screen.

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