Review of Acer Aspire E5 473G Notebook

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Currently the notebook already has various specifications and types that can affect the class of notebooks are located, which will determine the price of the notebook after entry into the market. Notebooks are still a target today is a notebook with a classic form but has brought a variety of completeness and complete specifications for various purposes of your day-to-day. One such type of notebook is the Acer Aspire E5 473G which still carry the optical drive so you do not have to take it apart with good fittings and specifications are qualified to run the upper middle application properly.
Acer Aspire E5 473G
Acer Aspire E5 473G uses Intel 4th generation Core i5 4210U processor from Intel which uses 22nm fabrication with TDP only 15watt because this processor is U (ultra low voltage) series. For speed, this processor runs at a speed of 1.7GHz and thanks to the use of Turbo Boost its speed can increase up to 2.7Ghz, up around 1GHz in the circumstances if you need high processor performance when the application you use requires it. This processor is also equipped with 3MB of L3 Cache and the number of cores as much as 2 cores with hyper threading so it has up to 4 threads.
This notebook comes with 4GB of DDR3L memory for one unit (single channel). If you need more memory to support the performance of the processor, you can upgrade up to 16GB of memory or you can add 4GB more which will enable the optional dual channel which will give a little extra performance on the overall performance of your notebook.

Acer Aspire E5 473G is equipped with dual graphics. If you are using this notebook to run daily applications, then automatically graphics are in use is Intel on Intel HD 4400 processor. Another story when you use this notebook that requires high performance graphics such as playing 3D games, it will automatically move to the graphics NVIDIA, this will automatically switch thanks to the use of the NVIDIA Optimus app. Thanks to the automatic transfer of graphics, it will improve battery life better by using Intel graphics in comparison with NVIDIA graphics.

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