Samsung Galaxy A Series Smartphone For Next Year Will Have Bixby Buttons

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Unlike Apple which usually only launches one series of flagship smartphone every year, Samsung comes with various series of smartphones aimed at different markets. High-end series comes with the latest features and specifications, while for the budget segment there are some features that are cut to reduce the selling price.
Samsung Galaxy A Series
Samsung Galaxy A series itself is an intermediate series positioned under the Galaxy S series, where the smartphone in this series usually get the features that are present in the flagship series from the previous year. The Bixby key feature has been present on the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8 smartphones, which could mean that the Galaxy A series for next year will come with Bixby button support.
Previously Samsung has stated that they have plans to bring Bixby features to more of his devices in the future. Of course not impossible if the Galaxy series 2018 will be present with the feature, which is in line with Samsung plans. But we must wait and see the truth of this report, where previously also had circulated the news that the iris scanner technology will be presented for mid-range handsets.

Since the launch of Samsung Galaxy A 2018 series smartphone is still quite long, of course we have to wait for the emergence of other information that strengthens this news. It is expected that Samsung introduced the ranks of Galaxy A 2018 at the end of this year or early next year.

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