Samsung Galaxy A5, Will be Present with Variant Snapdragon 660 and Exynos 7885 Chipset

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Samsung is usually present his smartphone in two different chipset variants, including the Galaxy A5 for the year 2015 and 2016 ago, where there are variants Snapdragon chipset and Exynos which is Samsung’s own chipset. But for the year 2017, the South Korean giant took a different step, where Galaxy A5 (2017) only comes with Exynos chipset only.
But there is a possibility if Samsung will present Galaxy A5 (2018) with two options Snapdragon chipset and Exynos, where the smartphone is recently seen in the Geekbench database.
The previous Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017) came with the model number SM-A520F. While the next generation smartphone should come with the model number SM-A530F, and true smartphone with the model number was also previously appeared that allegedly will be a Galaxy A5 (2018).
The Geekbench list has revealed that the smartphone will be powered by an Exynos 7885 chipset. The Exynos 1541 chipset scored 1541 on single-core and 4351 tests on multi-core tests.
While in the previous month also had appeared a Samsung phone with the model number SM-A5300 in Geekbench. Smartphone is seen carrying Snapdragon 660 chipset, and at that time circulating speculation that it could be another variant of Galaxy A5 (2018). Both chipset variants are both carrying 4GB of RAM and running the Android OS 7.1.1 Nougat.
For the Snapdragon 660 chipset variant scored 1593 on single-core test and 5834 on a multi-core test in Geekbench. This shows that the Snapdragon model of the Galaxy A5 (2018) can be stronger than the Exynos 7885 model. Looking at Samsung’s previous habits, the Snapdragon chipset model will be aimed at the Chinese market, while the Exynos variant for the international market.

In addition, It is possible that Galaxy A7 (2018) may also arrive with Snapdragon and Exynos chipset variants. Although this is not yet certain, but recently circulated also reports that if the Galaxy A5 and A7 (2018) will be present with Infinity Display.

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