Samsung Galaxy S9 Appears In Geekbench with Snapdragon 845 Chipset

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Samsung launched its flagship smartphone Galaxy S8 a few months ago. Of course the next generation, the Galaxy S9 is not expected to slide this year, but oddly enough recently leak has appeared about the device in the Geekbench database. Of course this is quite surprising where the smartphone is scheduled to slide about 10 more months have appeared on the benchmarking site.

Most flagship smartphones today use the high-end Snapdragon 835 chipset and it is not surprising that the Galaxy S9 for next year will come with the Snapdragon 845 chipset, although the chipset has not been officially announced yet. However Qualcomm has switched to returning to quad-core processor for Snapdragon 845, where the processor has a clockspeed of 1.78GHz.

The chipset is said to be built with a 7nm process, but will be done by TSMC instead of Samsung. The reason is because Samsung switched to 8nm process and not ready for 7nm. This is a good improvement, considering Snapdragon 835 still uses 10nm manufacturing process.
On the Geekbench list, Galaxy S9 is listed as Samsung SM-G9650 which has run Android OS 7.1.2

Nougat and has 4GB of RAM. Surprisingly, the resulting score appears to be low enough for the flagship class, which is only able to score a score of 7371 points. This is a fairly low score when compared to the Galaxy S8 is able to score more than 9000 points.

But for now there is little information that has been known about this Galaxy S9 device. The information so far is known, that the Galaxy S9 device has a Star code name, while for Plus variants it has a code name Star 2. The handset will also have Exynos 8nm chipset support, has a thin bezel and has a fingerprint scanner on the front . While the rear camera will carry dual-camera setup.

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