Specifications and Price Evercoss Winner Y Star U50A +

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Local smartphone is not strong and durable? It seems that the stigma will be broken by the latest local smartphone, the Evercoss Winner Y Star U50A +. This is the successor smartphone Winner Y Star that slid in June lau. This smartphone is said to be strong and resilient because it has been provided with a very strong layer on the surface of the screen.

Yes, the Evercoss Winner Y Star U50A + comes with a powerful layer called Kingkong Glass. Even so strong, this smartphone screen can be used as a hammer to plug a nail into the wood without leaving the mark on the screen. Of course this could be the main selling points of interest, because during this tempered glass for local smartphones are still rarely encountered. So, users of Evercoss Winner Y Star U50A + no longer need to bother looking for tempered glass.
Despite having a tough screen, but Evercoss Winner Y Star U50A + is intended for entry-level segment, which is certainly priced at a low price. Specifications of this smartphone include a 5-inch wide screen HD 720 × 1280 pixel resolution and for the jeroannya there is a 1.25 GHz quad-core processor combined with 2GB of RAM and 16GB of storage.

This smartphone is equipped with 8MP resolution main camera and camera for selfie which is also 8MP resolution. Not to forget, the fingerprint sensor feature has also been present on this smartphone and there is a 2.400mAh battery in it. Well, to bring this powerful smartphone for $ 100.

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