Stories Feature On Facebook Does not Work, Companies Integrate Instagram Stories with Facebook

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It’s no secret if the feature on Facebook Stories is still quiet user even though the feature has been presented for a long time. This is certainly inversely related to Instagram which has a large number of Instagram Stories users, even bigger than Snapchat which is basically the pioneer of Stories feature.

Facebook Facebook Stories increased, the company finally decided to integrate Instagram Stories with Facebook. Instagram app users can double-post their Stories to Instagram and Facebook. Of course the integration will make Facebook Stories increasingly crowded, although actually derived from Instagram.

But there will be a differentiator for Stories derived from Instagram or from Facebook, where Stories derived from Instagram will have an instagram label. While Stories from Facebook will not have a custom label.

Facebook lately does look very active in pushing the number of Facebook users Stories. Previously, the company presented Stories for web users to view Stories, but it did not really help encourage Facebook Stories.

It should be noted that Instagram Stories integration with Facebook is currently in testing for a limited number of users. So not all Instagram users can integrate their Stories to Facebook. Could this move boost the number of Facebook Stories users? Let’s wait until the plan is actually implemented by the company.

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