Street View Support Comes In Google Earth VR Now

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Your convenience to explore the world seems to be getting spoiled through Google Earth VR now thanks to Street View support that can help you to explore the streets of all over the world in more detail.
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First appeared exclusively in November for HTC Vive, until finally officially visited the Oculus Rift platform last April, Google Earth VR lets you explore the world from a bird’s eye view and see landscapes you’ve never accessed before. Google itself also seems to have chosen a list of sights to explore the higher resolution features of the image.
While not delivering the full Google Earth experience in the VR, the Google Earth VR is still much more impressive than its non-VR version. This app lets you fly across the air above the city, and in some cases you can be close enough to roam between high-rise buildings, but Google Earth VR does not treat you like a foreigner visiting a new location. Now, thanks to this additional Street View component, Google Earth VR will present a real-life situation that you might have previously visited in real.
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Google Earth VR Street View features ground-level image from 85 countries around the world. When zooming to the lowest altitude in a location that offers a Street View image, you’ll see a bubble in the navigation controller that will take you into 360-degree images of the area. Google itself has stated that the 360 ​​degree image comes from the Street View team and user submissions. And as the location of Street View AT & T Park in San Francisco is presented on the existing screenshots, lets you see what it’s like to be part of the crowd. Not only that, Google seems to also be able to direct you to visit the location set as Old Port in Game of the Throne Westeros, which will only be found in Croatia.

Google Earth VR Street View update itself is now available. If you want to enable the new Google Earth VR, you can update it first via Steam or Oculus Home. The full version of Google Earth VR is exclusively aimed at the upscale VR system of HTC and Oculus, but you do not need a top-end headset to enjoy VR Street View. The Street View for Google Android and iOS app now supports Google Daydream and Cardboard HMD as well.

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