TEAMOSA Can Be Seduced A Perfect Tea Cup With Utlrasonic Extraction Technique

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For the layman, making tea is considered an easy thing because it is not difficult to do. But it turns out to make tea not only brewing tea leaves with hot water only, because for tea lovers, various types of tea can be brewed in different ways to extract the best taste of the tea itself.
In addition, please note that boiling water is not necessarily the best temperature to brew tea because it can make the tea taste to be bitterness. For ordinary tea drinkers, this may sound too much of a hassle, but in Kickstarter there is a tea maker called TEAMOSA, where it has been launched which is claimed to be able to brew a perfect cup by using the utlrasonic extraction technique.
As noted in the description, “TEAMOSA has applied ultrasonic extraction to produce higher antioxidants at a temperature of 149 ° F (65 ° C), compared to 185 ° F (85 ° C), which in turn will increase the benefits to your health. “
This device will work with ready-to-brew tea leaves or TEAMOSA capsules, and users can choose the different types of tea they want for brewing so that TEAMOSA can find out which temperature is good to use.

In other words, TEAMOSA is a tool similar to Nespresso. So, for you tea lovers it seems TEAMOSA is quite interesting tool to have, because this tool can make tea with higher level. For now, the TEAMOSA project is still running on the Kickstarter site.

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