Tekken Mobile Game For Android and iOS Start Launching

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For you gamers console, of course already familiar with Tekken fighting game title. Yes, the title of this game is most famous out there for the category of fighting. Many of us are already familiar with the control of fighting game, even already quite memorized with the characters in the game. After success on the console, Bandai Namco game developers are now ready to expand the mobile platform.

The Japanese game developer has released Tekken Mobile games for mobile devices, both Android and iOS. But note that this game is still soft-launching, which means not all regions can download this game. Currently, users who can try the game are those in Canada.
However Tekken Mobile gameplay will be different from the Tekken game on the console. This game relies on the Waza Card system and you just have to tap on your screen for combo and special attacks.

Just like the Tekken Game on the console, there is a story mode to explore along with the usual battles. As long as you follow the story mode, when winning the game you will also unlock new characters as well as new combo.

Uniquely, you can play this game with other players because it supports online matches. We look forward to this game release in Indonesia, but for those of you who are curious about this game can see the video above or can also visit the official website of Tekken Mobile. (https://www.tekken-mobile.com/)

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