Thanks to 3dRudder, Epic Games Unreal Engine 4 VR Editor Now Can Be Navigated Using Legs

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People at 3dRudder never seem to run out of effort in finding new ways to empower the foot-based 3dRudder controller product that is one of its flagship at the moment.
The Marseille-based company recently unveiled a new version of its peripheral called 3dRudder CAD Edition that includes plugins that allow you to use controllers with Rhino3D CAD applications. The 3dRudder CAD plugin lets you navigate the 3D CAD software using your feet, and now you can do the same in the Epic Games Unreal Engine 4 VR Editor.
In June 2016, Epic Games released the UE4 VR Editor, allowing 3D designers to create a virtual environment from within the existing VR. The editor lets you manipulate virtual objects with your hands using motion controllers and takes you as if you are coming into the scene so you can feel everything you do in the real world, such as touching, holding, and so on.
Thanks to the new UE4 3dRudder plugin support, now you can use your feet to explore the virtual environments you create yourself. The UD4 3dRudder plugin allows the use of four axes, the pitch for moving forward and backward, roll to move left and right continuously, yaw to rotate left or right, and UpDown allowing you to move up (as if flying) which in fact is better than just relying on zooming in and out instead, is not it?

The UE4 3dRudder plugin is available for free through the Unreal Engine Marketplace. You can get 3dRudder device directly from website. For VR Edition it sells for $ 179, while its own CAD Edition (which includes a CAD plugin in it) for $ 279

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