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Do you want to buy a computer? If you want, specify the first computer you want to buy based on the price range of the computer available in the market.
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Adapting to our needs and financial condition is very important. Because buying a computer that is not specifications will certainly provide an experience that is less memorable and even useless.
Well here are some groupings of computers sorted by price range. Please refer to the information:
A). Price below 400$
This spec computer is perfect for students. For parents who want to give PC to their children, try to select at this price range. Besides not made for playing games constantly, this type is very fitting for those who just do schoolwork such as typing, lightweight design, browsing and surfing the internet.
B). Price 400$ – 900$
This type is commonly used for the public as in the office, school, or cafe. With prices like this, the spec owned is fast enough. But sometimes build quality is bad so it is not durable in usage. This type is also the type most suited for them the bloggers, office workers, to be used in various companies.
C). Price 1000$ – 3000$
For the price range of computers this one is used by them businesspeople such as in animation design companies, filmmaking, and others that require high computer spec. For spec like this, already get the best quality in its class. Running heavy games will be very smooth, especially for rendering and design must be very light.
D). Price above 3000$
If this type is used by them big companies, pro businessmen, and also professional gamers. Spek owned is not kidding. Everything is the latest, ranging from screen, processor, VGA, RAM, SSD, operating system to all the hardware is designed with the best quality.

You belong to which of the four types above? Once again choose the computer as needed. Indeed, the price of the computer is very decisive spec, but buying a non-necessities will certainly make it useless.

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