The Little Stormtrooper, Recognition

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Having a smart robot is certainly something that many people want. Moreover has a guard robot that can recognize the face of an unwanted guest. We can indeed hire a bodyguard to keep the house, but there seems to be a cheaper way.
For those of you who want to have a guard robot, UBTECH Robotics presents a cheaper solution by creating a small and adorable First Order Stormtrooper robot. Although small in size and looks like a regular toy, but this robot has a pretty cool ability.
This little robot has a guard mode that you can use to monitor the situation at home. This robot comes with an accompanying mobile application, where the user is enabled to set the region or zone of patrol out of this robot. In addition, each robot has the ability to save face shape, where if there is someone who is not recognized to come home, then the user will get a warning.
But still this robot still has many shortcomings if used as a tool to secure the house. But the presence of facial recognition features, the appearance of this tiny robot is pretty cool if used as a toy or just a collection for the Star Wars lovers.
In addition, the best part is that the new robot works offline which means it is not connected to the server, where the previous robots from Ubtech reap a lot of controversy because it sends data to the server. Working offline also reduces the potential for robots to be hacked remotely.

Unfortunately the price of this robot is still quite expensive if to be a hobby, because this little robot for $ 300. As for availability, Robtech’s Stormtrooper robot will be available in November.

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