There’s a Production Problem, New iPhone X Delivery Starts in February or March 2018

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When launching the iPhone X a few weeks ago, Apple said if pre-order iPhone X will start on 27 October and the unit shipments will begin on November 3rd. However, because iPhone X will be available in limited numbers, it seems that sending iPhone X will experience delays.
Iphone X
On the other hand, iPhone and iPhone 8 Plus duo sales have started since September 22, but the iPhone and iPhone 8 duo sales figures decreased when compared to the previous generation. This is because prospective buyers are more interested in the iPhone X which has a full-screen design and has a Face ID technology that can recognize the user’s face.
Apple is expected to receive millions of pre-orders for the iPhone X. However, the company currently only able to produce tens of thousands of units every day. Reports show that Apple will be able to produce 10 to 12 million units of iPhone X by the end of 2017, which will not be enough to meet the huge demand. Another component that causes problems in the production of iPhone X is OLED screen that carried by iPhone X.

Former Apple analyst Gene Munster has claimed that the iPhone X may not be sliding on the market until early January. Whether or not true delivery of the new iPhone X could start in February or March of 2018, the iPhone X enthusiasts are getting higher even though the price offered is not cheap.

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