Intel Kaby Lake

This is the figure of MCM Intel Kaby Lake-G Upcoming

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After the first benchmarks for the Core i7-8705G and Core i7-8809G leaked online, recently re-emerged another startling new rumor related to the upcoming family of Kaby Lake-G processor family, which incorporates Radeon graphics in multi- chip (MCM).


Rumors of photos leaked MCM Kaby Lake-G is allegedly appearing in the aftermath of the news of cooperation between two leading chip technology giant Intel and AMD who continue to decorate the news during the past week. As seen in the leak, MCM partnership results between Intel and AMD this looks really great when compared with most modern processors today, in addition seems to have gone through the first test.

In terms of size, however, the MCM not only includes the Kaby Lake processor, but of course also the memory of Radeon GPU and HBM2. These three components can connect to each other thanks to what Intel calls the Embedded Multi-Die Interconnect Bridge (EMIB). This bridge allows data to transfer between adjacent set components at super fast speeds.


Especially the presence of MCM itself can allow the Z height is much lower than before, so that makes the OEM can produce a variety of notebook products with thinner design model in the future. While Intel also plans to start marketing its first product based on support of MCM Kaby Lake-G is in 2018.

Intel Kaby Lake

This is clearly an “exciting” time in the hardware industry, especially with regard to AMD and Intel’s reputation. A few days after Kaby Lake-G was announced, it was recently revealed that Radeon King Koduri Technology Group leader changed his two-month sabbatical from AMD to break forever to move to work with rival Intel.


King Koduri himself is said to be leading Core and the newly formed Visual Computing Group Intel, where he will be tasked to help create high-end discrete graphics solutions.

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