This is the Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition Game Trailer That Will Soon Arrive On Android and iOS

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Final Fantasy XV game title is quite awaited presence by the gamers. Once present for the console, now the game will be coming soon for the mobile platform to get more players, given the number of mobile gamers today is not small. Then how the game appearance Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition when present on Android and iOS devices?
Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition game trailer for Android and iOS has been uploaded by the developers and the game is ready to be released for the rest of the year. Interestingly, players who have already played this game on the PlayStation 4 console can revive game travel via Eos. That way, the players can continue the game to a smaller screen.

As reported by Phone Arena, Square Enix game developers say if the mobile game is carrying the main character and the same story as the console version, but wrapped with a sweeter style and support control of the touch screen that must have been optimized for mobile devices. This game will also contain ten chapters, where only the first chapter can be played for free.

Well, for those of you who can not wait to find out how sweet this game can see the video above that displays some gameplay of the game. Although currently unknown how much the price of the game, but we hope if Square Enix not membanderolnya with high prices like Final Fantasy game before.

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