This Photo Allegedly Show Oppo Interface Full-Screen Display Oppo

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The design of full-screen smartphones is now a trend that is carried by some flagship smartphone. One of them is Xiaomi Mi MIX which managed to steal the attention when it was first launched, where the phablet has a very thin bezel. Well, this kind of full-screen design that later became the trend of flagship smartphone.

As reported by Gizmochina, some Chinese smartphone manufacturers plan to release a smartphone with full-screen design before the end of 2017. One of China’s smartphone manufacturers who will launch a full-screen smartphone is Oppo.

Recently appeared leaked photos that show the display atarmuka which is said to be carried by Oppo’s full-screen smartphones. Of course the most obvious change is the existence of soft-key for navigation, which is usually owned by Oppo smartphone using capacitive buttons for navigation and use a large home oval button that also functions as a fingerprint.

Because no longer using the home button that doubles as a fingerprint sensor, the possibility of fingerprint sensor moved on the back or can also be placed on the power button.

Unfortunately can not be ascertained the truth of the leaked photos. It is possible if this is just a switch from the capacitive button to an on-screen button. Currently it is not known when Oppo will release his full-screen smartphone, but this time leaks say if the smartphone will slide before the end of the year, so the launch will take place in the second half of this year.

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