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Through one of its representatives at the Huawei Connect conference in Shanghai, China, Toshiba is apparently indicating that it is preparing to launch a new 14TB helium hard drive model in the near future or at the end of 2017.
The largest capacity HDD currently available is the 12TB Seagate and Western Digital HGST divisions aimed at the enterprise market, which contains a single propulsion solution and also comes with helium. But if by the end of this year Toshiba to realize its goal to release HDD 14TB, of course the Japanese manufacturers are directly holds the top position in presenting the capacity of the world’s largest hard drive.
While slightly reviewing Toshiba’s newly announced hard drive production plan in January, Seagate is said to have plans to release a 16TB HDD sometime in 2018 and then 20TB HDD will follow in 2020 to come. Realizing this, Seagate is likely to release a new 14TB hard drive model at least as early as the end of 2017 and no later than the first half of next year.
The plan to bring a 14TB hard drive may be a major breakthrough for Toshiba in person. Currently the most popular Toshiba hard drive model is carried by the 8TB N300 model built for network attached storage (NAS). Featuring a 6Gbps SATA interface, a rotational speed of 7,200 RPM and 128MB of cache, the hard drive is said to be capable of delivering a sustained data transfer rate of 240MB / s.

Due to its lack of air density, Helium gas seems to have an appeal that can significantly decrease the internal friction elements that occur on hard disk disks. The super-light gas support also practically opens the way for faster speeds and increases existing storage density.

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