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The expansion of future limited-term social media platforms offered by Google Daydream is likely to be readily prepared by Vicarious Inc. The San Francisco Bay Area – California-based AI company announced it will release two versions of its flagship app this month that allows smartphone users who do not have a mobile phone to access share content through the Vicarious VR app.
The Vicarious VR app itself lets you create an “experience” to share life’s adventures with others. Thanks to the support of 360-degree video and photos, it lets you put 2D videos, photos and text within the scope of 3D to create a unique immersive experience. In addition, this app also supports social features to easily share content with anyone you want.
Indeed the founders of Vicarious have begun working on the social platform in the summer of 2015 ago. At that time, the founders seemed to prefer to develop the VR platform instead of supporting non-VR devices.
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It is difficult to predict how quickly people adopt new media such as VR, and many analyst predictions outweigh the reality of VR adoption rates. However, after officially releasing the Google Daydream app, Vicarious finally began to decide to re-evaluate his VR approach and redo the existing platform to support 2D screen.
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The Vicarious app for Google Daydream is a hybrid app, which can operate with or without a Daydream headset. So it is with the Android and iOS version of it, because you can later use the application with or without HMD VR. The two latest Vicarious apps support Google Cardboard devices so you can get a deep experience, but if you do not have a Cardboard headset, you can still see content that people are sharing on the platform.
The Vicarious VR app for iOS devices is available on September 15, 2017, while the Android version itself will arrive two weeks later on the upcoming September 28th

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