Want to Grow Mobile and VR Businesses, Google Acquisition of HTC Worth $ 1.1 Billion

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Previously heard the news that if Google will acquire HTC hardware business, and true that Taiwanese company has been acquired by the search engine giant Google worth USD 1.1 billion. Even HTC will certainly get a full cash transaction.
As we said, this year’s acquisition is only for the HTC hardware business, including smartphones and VR devices. So, in the agreement this time Google is entitled to several teams from HTC previously trusted to develop a smartphone owned by Google, namely Pixel. Even Google is also entitled to a number of HTC’s non-proprietary licenses.
With HTC’s proprietary hardware business, this step will further smooth Google’s plan to develop “Made by Google devices like Android Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones, Google Home, DayDream VR Headset and Chromecast.
However, this acquisition does not mean that in the near future there will be no more smartphones from the HTC brand. Although already acquired, but the smartphone business branded HTC will continue to run, although it could be a smartphone that will be launched next will be the latest HTC branded smartphone.

Although not yet known to be what the smartphone will be launched by HTC, but the presence of Google in the hardware business HTC will give its own impression for the next HTC smartphone. In addition, Google is also considered to be a fresh breeze for corporate finance, because for some time past the company continues to lose money.

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