Western Digital Acquisition of Toshiba Memory

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The news is quite surprising coming directly from Japan related to its success Western Digital won the bidding process to take over some of Toshiba’s existing memory division today.
WD & Toshiba
As we all know, the two companies have worked together on a joint venture to bring NAND flash memory, an arrangement beginning with Toshiba and SanDisk. While Western Digital acquired SanDisk in 2016 and inherited the memory-making partnership to date.
The news is practically ending speculation circulating in the media of Japan and the United States some time lately. But as news reported by Reuters, WD actually withdrew from the negotiations to buy the memory business Toshiba, in an effort to strengthen its position in the business.

As a follow up of this, some high-ranking personnel from Toshiba America reportedly immediately called to face its headquarters based in Tokyo, Japan. However, Toshiba does not seem to have officially revealed the matter so far.

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