WhatsApp Down Around the In World, Millions of Users Loss

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WhatsApp short message service application has been down for a while around the world on Friday 3 November local time.

For approximately 1 hour, around millions of WhatsApp users around the world have difficulty in sending and receiving messages. Similarly, as quoted from Indian media Zee News, Friday.

Some users report that messages are sent only but not reach the recipient (a check mark). While some others claim the message was not sent at all.

In Jakarta on Friday November 3rd, from 14.52 to 16.11, most of the mobile app users were unable to send and receive messages. Meanwhile, those who use WhatsApp Web service (WhatsApp is connected to a computer) confess, the application is not connected at all.

A few minutes later, the service network returns as usual. However, it is unclear whether the restoration of the connection occurs to all users worldwide. Also suspected, network disruptions may still occur in some countries and regions.

Countries reporting disturbances are the UK, Germany, Belgium and other Western European countries, India, Singapore, Mozambique, Vietnam, Indonesia, Iraq and Australia.

On the downed page detection site, Down Detector, Friday 3 November, reports on WhatsApp issues increased around 3 pm.

The number of previously reported 58 reports soared to 197 reports. Written on the site, the problem experienced by WhatsApp since at 14.30.

It also mentioned that the main problem WhatsApp users complain about is connection problems (52 percent), difficulty sending and receiving messages (41 percent), to difficult login (5 percent).

Reports from many WhatsApp users uploaded on Down Detector also reveal the cities affected by Facebook’s messaging service.

“Fallen in Qatar,” wrote a user named Fatma in Qatar.

Likewise with users in Norway, the United States, Spain, Australia, to Indonesia.

“WhatsApp uprooted in Indonesia, why? Is there a problem with the server?” said a user named Unchoe Justitia Muhardiman a few minutes ago.

When tried, WhatsApp service can not be used to send or receive messages. Meanwhile, the connection icon continues to spin.

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