Within 48 Hours, Xiaomi Successfully Sell More Than 1 Million Smartphones

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Compared with competitors such as Apple and Samsung brand, of course Xiaomi smartphone brand is still less big. But the smartphone brand from China has already had a number of fans that are not less big. Even the popularity of this brand is increasing very rapidly in recent years.
Within 48 Hours Xiaomi Sold Out 1 Million
One of the most fertile markets for Xiaomi smartphones is India, because the character of Xiaomi smartphones that offer high specifications at an affordable price is perfect for the Indian market.
As reported by GSM Arena, Xiaomi recently scored a new achievement, where they managed to sell more than 1 million smartphones within 2 days during online festive sales in India. If calculated, the average Xiaomi managed to sell 300 smartphones every minute.
Of course this is a proud new achievement for Xiaomi, where last year the number 1 million smartphone sales must be achieved within 18 days. Now the number doubled can be achieved within 48 hours only.

Seeing the size of the sales figures, then what smartphone model is the best-selling in India? It seems Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 to be a top seller. It is fairly reasonable considering Redmi Note 4 menwing a qualified specification with an affordable price for the middle segment. While the majority of smartphones sold in Amazon India’s e-commerce are Xiaomi’s smartphone, which makes Xiaomi the second highest selling brand in India.

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