Xiaomi Announces Temperature Controlling Temperature Products

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Through the MIJIA crowdfounding site, Xiaomi had the opportunity to launch innovative products that are quite interesting because of its functionality. The latest product that has now entered the campaign period is Charpa Temperature Control Quilt. This is a cotton blanket product that can control the temperature.
To support this new product campaign, enthusiasts can buy the product for 499 yuan, equivalent to Rp1 millions. Indeed the price offered seemed quite expensive for a blanket, but the advantages of this blanket makes it quite interesting to have.
This new blanket has a dual function that can keep warm and cool temperatures when needed. In other words, when the temperature in the bedroom is too high, the temperature controller fiber in this blanket will absorb heat that will keep the user feeling cool. On the other hand, when the ambient temperature is too low, the fiber will absorb heat and thus the user gets a warm temperature.
It should be noted that this is not a smart blanket that has a temperature sensor in it, because the material uses 100% cotton is soft and able to absorb moisture. So, the material from this blanket is really designed to provide functionality.

These blankets come in four different sizes, as well as with the bervarasi weights as well. For the smallest size has a length of 1.5 meters with a weight of 1 kg for 499 Yuan. While the largest size has a length of 2 m with a weight of 2.25 kg for 799 Yuan. For shipments to customers who have supported this product campaign is expected to take place on September 12th.

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