Xiaomi Joins Wireless Power Consortium, Mi 7 Will Support Qi Wireless Charging?

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Some of today’s high-end smartphones are present with wireless charging technology, but none of the smartphones from Xiaomi are present with the technology. The latest news says if Xiaomi has joined the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) that enables the next flagship Xiaomi smartphone to carry Qi standard wireless charging support.
Xiaomi Communications
Xiaomi itself has not thrown their comments on the news that says it will join the consortium. However, it has been found a pointer in the WPC member list on the official WPC website
Although there is no official statement from the Chinese company, the WPC list indicates that the next flagship smartphone from Xiaomi will support wireless charging technology. WPC itself was formed in 2008 and now hinga, there are 243 members including global companies such as Apple, Samsung, LG, Sony and others.
Apple has previously joined WPC which started in February this year that allows smartphone for 2017 from companies like iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X to arrive with wireless charging support. By joining Xiaomi with WPC, it is very possible if Xiaomi Mi 7 will come with support for standard Qi wireless charging.
Xiaomi Mi 7 itself is expected to come with a Super AMOLED screen area of ​​6 inches and will be powered Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chipset. This smartphone is also expected to come with a capacity of 6GB or 8GB of RAM. According to rumors originating from China, Xiaomi Mi 7 will launch in the first quarter of 2018.

If the news is true, then the Xiaomi Mi 7 will come with a rear body made of glass to allow wireless charging work. It is also applied to iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X which comes with a back cover of glass material.

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